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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing 5305 simple

Instructions and Help about 5305 simple

I'm saying McVeigh welcome to Microsoft Word 2022 mail merge double sided me it's helpful to have their name visible on both sides of a name template dining card this sample uses a breeze medium tent card stock of 5305 which you could modify and apply it to any stuff that you'd like so this is just gives you an idea of where we're heading with this it is the double sided mean cardstock and it's going to have each name repeated on both sides of the card so I'm just going to open a new board document and it's a blank guy I'm going to go to page layout and change the orientation to landscape the reason I'm doing this is because word it does a good job of flipping text on its side but it can't flip it upside down so we need to accommodate for that we're also going to change the margins to 0.5 from the top 0.25 from the bottom we'll leave the left and right at an inch and click OK now we're going to insert a table and this is going to be over up a one row table with four columns we're going to go to the layout under table tools then we're going to make the row height 7.5 inches and the column width to 0.4 inches and I also want to remove the lines and borders around my intents so they don't distract I'm going to just select the entire table go to the design and remove the borders so now I want to begin my mail merge now go to mailings start mail merge and choose labels as you recall from the previous video the update labels here is gray right now I'm not going to use any of the Avery labels because I'm using a custom table I made myself so I can click cancel but now update labels is available and that's going to be very important in a little bit so I'm going to use an existing list and I'm going to choose the database file and the people sheet let's edit our recipient list and take a look at this so we have their name phone number the Department this time I wanted sort by department maybe instead of my last name you want everyone to be grouped together so that's how I would like to generate these tents I'm going to insert the merge fields up first and last and department that's all we need this is very tiny and going in the wrong direction so first I'm going to highlight these fields go to the home ribbon can format it as I would any other text and I will put a space between Langston fields and a return between first up between last and department and maybe I even want to add some color but the text is still going in the wrong direction so I'm going to highlight these fields then.

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